Coastal carpets: Red x Roger

Red is a 2015 MBB red coastal produced by Jason Baylin. Roger is a 2015 MBB red coastal produced by Psychotic Exotics. Both of these animals are very light colored with beautiful red-orange saddles on a bone white/cream background. The “black” has a very faded appearance and is almost lavender and the true colors are really difficult to capture in photos. I was hoping to enhance the color as well as reproduce the chaotic patterning of Roger. It seems the busy pattern kind of cancelled each other out and the few babies I was able to get all have very reduced pattern and look almost like tiger jags.

Breeding log: Red laid a clutch of 13 eggs on 5/23/2021. These were maternally incubated and began hatching on 8/20 which was 89 days post lay. Things went pretty south with the hatching. 6 hatched but 1 died due to unknown reasons, and 1 ate its sibling and died as a result. The remaining 7 eggs hadn’t pipped after the first 6 were out this so I cut the remaining 7. 6 of these were fully developed and dead in the egg and 1 was alive but very weak and appeared on the verge of death. I “Jay Brewer’ed” it’s head out of the egg and set it up in a moist tub where it spent about a week hanging by its umbilical from the egg. It eventually got completely out, and after its 1st shed began feeding immediately and has taken off, much to my surprise.

End result: 4 healthy hatchlings all showing amazing red coloration. Can’t wait to watch them develop!

“Red” – 2015 MBB red coastal produced by Jason Baylin
Roger – 2015 male MBB red coastal from Psychotic Exotics
Locked up Feb. 2021
Red in process of laying eggs 5/23/2021

2021 Red x Roger hatchling pics after 1st shed

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