Jungle carpet pythons

(Morelia spilota cheynei)


Sylvia was my 1st jungle carpet and is from Mike Curtin’s 2014 Scattershot x Delia clutch. She produced a clutch with Randy for me in 2019 and her bright yellow and deep blacks are as strong as ever at 6 years old.

“Her Khan”

This girl is from David Haisten’s 2016 Jerry x Lucrezia pairing. She is about as pure jungle carpet as you can get in the USA with awesome old school jungle blood from Turner/Lazik/Sipperly/Schuett/Larry Black/Leary lines. She is by the far the grumpiest snake in my collection. Pairing her with Randy this year to try and make some ridiculously tipped out jungles.

Holdback female

Holdback female from my 2019 Sylvia x Randy clutch. This girl actually escaped and went missing for about 3 weeks shortly after hatching. I was amazed to find her again and she is here to stay.

Holdback male

Holdback male from my 2019 Sylvia x Randy clutch. I had a really tough time deciding which male to hold back from this clutch so I let the market decide. This guy was the last man standing.


Deuce, named for his unique head stamp, is from Headhunter’s 2016 Abel x Zahara clutch. His lineage includes stellar jungles from VPI, Leary (covergirl), and Lazik lines.


Randy is from Headhunter’s 2015 Rigid x Zahara clutch. Randy is highly tipped which comes from the Andrew Hare line influence as well as his high yellow mother which came from Michael Beach line of jungles. Randy produced a beautiful clutch with Sylvia in 2019. He is the most mellow snake in my collection and is a joy to work with.


This guy is Her Khan’s brother from the 2016 Jerry x Lucrezia clutch. This guy is a problem eater and is very small for his size so I haven’t tried breeding him yet. Probably will throw him into rotation in Fall 2022.

2019 holdback female #2

I wasn’t planning on holding back 2 females from this clutch but this girl was a slow starter with feeding (kicking ass now) and by the time she was ready to move on she had grown on me.

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